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naruto 661

naruto 661

So I’m thinking Kurama jumped inside intentionally so that he could screw up the “order” of how the Bijuu were supposed to be sealed, and when he talked to Gaara he was basically telling him to keep Naruto safe for the moment (since as I stated a week ago, Naruto won’t die from losing Kurama because he’s an Uzumaki. but he WILL be weak and tired and a sitting duck). What’s really got me curious though is what broke Gyuuki’s tail. Did Bee intentionally break it off so he could escape inside it like he did against Sasuke? Or did the chain just rip through it while it was pulling him? Neat info about the priest that held Shukakku, but I wish I knew what the hell Sasuke was doing during all this. Some of us expected him to cut Madara’s chains.

I’m guessing he’s still taking a breather since even though he’s got godly stamina it’s still not Senju class. I noticed that too. But I think, just like Naruto, he won’t be successful in his attempt. But, unlike Naruto, he’ll probably die, unless that tail contains his real body and somehow Gyuuki is able to separate himself with the Jinchuuriki, which I doubt considering the seal that the Kumo use to seal them. This chapter is very interesting, I’m assuming we don’t have a chapter next week, right? I can’t wait to see what happens next, and what Kurama told Gaara.

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