Naruto 666 Confirmed – Naruto 666 Raw

In the fourth’s Flashback fight with obito,naruto 666 he brought up the fact that the second was a time space ninjutsu user. Thusly, any time space technique that we saw from the second would be acceptable. Having him be the inventor of the technique made sense after that point. This new development though, directly contradicted things from very recent chapters.

There’s also another thing that I’m not understanding. Why is that people view Gamabunta as some indication of Sage mode. He’s not.


naruto 666 manga

naruto 666 manga


I can’t actually believe I’m about to say this. But Kakashi actually beat his teacher in that regard. Sasuke, for the longest time based his entire fighting style around the usage of his ex teacher’s signature technique. The best that Minato has is Kakashi knowing the rasengan, But it’s not like he ever used it. For anything outside of training his teachers kid to advance it.

Jesus, semi serious question here, should a Minato fail count be started? Because the more I think about it the more this crap keeps piling on.


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